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When most people think of the Super Bowl, they look forward to a great game, funny commercials and a rocking halftime show. The team at BoxLife, on the other hand, looks forward to THE FOOD! Can you b

So Good You Don’t Know It’s Paleo: Paleo-On-The-Go Pot Pie Review

Following Paleo guidelines no longer means abandoning those delicious home-cooked meals that many of us grew up with, thanks to terrific replacement recipes and companies like Paleo On The Go that del

10 Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies in Women & How To Avoid Them

Everyone knows that to live a healthy life you must eat right and exercise frequently. And though that’s great advice, we sometimes overlook the importance of making sure the foods we consume fu

Choosing the Right Workout Partner—5 Questions to Ask Yourself

A workout partner can be immensely beneficial to your development, as long as you choose the rightpartner.

The Functional Fitness Shoe: What Makes it Ideal for CrossFit?

Individuals new to CrossFit may not give much thought to the type of footwear they train in. After all, learning how to properly execute a snatch and grind their way through chipper workouts are more

Standout Women from Week 1 of the 2016 CrossFit Regionals

The first three Regionals of the 2016 CrossFit Games season are over. We saw some great performances from all the competitors at the California, Pacific and South Regionals, but these are the standout

Do Women Need to Exercise More Than Men to Achieve the Same Fitness Level?

Do women have to train with higher volume to experience the same benefits as men who train less? It’s an interesting question. We know that women have less testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH

7 Tips to Overcome Fear at the Box

As a CrossFitter, there are many things you may fear: poor results, failing a lift, letting your coach down, or embarrassment. You may be afraid of pain, discomfort or a new challenge. These fears cou

The Surprising Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Most of us are probably already aware of the importance of high quality sleep. In fact, you may already be taking the steps necessary to ensure some prestige shut-eye including sleeping  in a cold r